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What is the minimum age to enter the Park?

The minimum age to enter the park is 6 years old.

What Time does the Park Open?

The park opens at 9 AM until 6:30 PM each day.

Do You Offer Towels and Showers?

No, we do not offer any towels or showers.

Do You Offer Refunds?

We do not offer refunds but you can pass your entry tickets to someone else if you cannot make it.

Can I Change My Booking Date?

Yes, if you cannot make it for the days that you have booked then we can reschedule your booking. So long as you have not entered the park already. Please get in touch with us so we can do it.

Is there Free Parking?


There is no free parking admission available as we’re located on the beach, however, individuals can avail 3 hours free if they purchase in any establishments in JBR and use The Beach Parking.

Abu Dhabi

We do not currently have any parking near as we’re located on the beach.

Do You have a Contact Number?

No, we only have email communication. We have a quick response time usually within minutes.

Do You Provide Life Jackets?

Yes, life jackets are included with the price of entry.

Can We Play If We Cannot Swim?

Yes, life jackets are included with every ticket purchased.

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