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Frequently Asked Questions

Restrictions & safety

Height Restrictions

To enter the park we require all guests to be a minimum of 110cm and above. Any height lower will not be provided admission.

Where can I store my valubles?

At our reception we have safety draws and also your possessions can be stored at the reception. It’s safe and secure, however, do no not take any responsibility for loss or damage.

Do I have to sign a waiver form?

Yes, we have a waiver form that outline all the terms, this is available on the confirmation page or you can sign this on arrival.

Is swimming a requirement?

Yes, you will need to swim to the park. We do offer life jackets with each ticket. To swim, it’s approximately 15 metres to reach to the park

What’s the swimming ‘dress code’?

We require everyone to wear swimming attire, there are no particular swimwear requirements.

Will I be provided a life jacket?

Yes, you will be provided a life jacket with the purhcase of your ticket.

Are life guards available?

Yes, all the time we have several life guards operating at the park all the time observing and monitoring everyone playing.

Tickets & Admission

How long can I play at the park?

All tickets provide you with access for a whole day from opening to closing times.

How do I book online?

Simply visit the booking page depending on the tickets that you would like and make the payment online.

After making your booking, you will receive an email confirmation and logins in case you want to also view your bookings made. 

To check into the park you need just your name and order number, this is sent via email but can also be accessed anytime from the My Account page if you want.

Where will I get my tickets?

You will receive them via email or by logging into your account, once you have made the payment online

Will I receive a physical ticket?

No, we have an e-ticket system. This means you share your QR code or email and our staff will check you in automatically. 

How many tickets can I purchase?

We do not have a limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase. However, if you’re an agent, vendor and reseller then you can get in touch with us to assist you further.

Best time to visit?

Sumer Time 

The best time to arrive is morning 9 -11 AM or from 2pm to Sunset to avoid the heat during the summer.

What are the opening times?

We’re open from 9AM – 6:30PM (Sunset). 

If I am watching, do I need to purchase a ticket?

No, tickets need to be purchased for only people that are entering the water park and playing. If you observe from the shoreline you do not need to purchase a ticket.

Do you offer any discounts or membership discounts?

We do not have any partnerships or discounts with any providers at the moment. Only discounts available are available for the group offer only.

Annual VIP pass

Is this only available for residents?

Yes, it is only available for residents at the moment.

How many times can I visit the park?

You will gain an unlimited amount of times with no limits during the duration of the year.

How do I check-in?

You will receive a virtual ticket pass which will be used at reception each time you visit. 

How do I buy the annual VIP pass ticket?

It can be purchased directly online, you can visit this link to buy:

Please note that is a subscription which will auto-renew. It can be paused or cancel from your account at anytime you choose.

How many people can enter?

Each Annual VIP pass allows entry for only up to 1 person. For them to enter they will need to purchase another Annual VIP pass.

Is it a renewal subscription?

Yes it is a subscription, which will renew each year and can be managed at anytime by visiting your account.


Are there any changing rooms?

Yes, there are changing rooms available less than 2 minutes from the reception.

Are there any showers?

Yes, there are showers available nearby at ‘The Beach’ which is also less than 5 minutes away.

Do you rent towels?

We don’t offer towels, however, there are many shops nearby that can offer towels.

Do you rent beach chairs?

No we do not. 

Parking & Transportation

Is there a Taxi drop off point?

Yes, if you want to get dropped off by Taxi then please advise the driver to drop you next to Roxy Cinema in JBR. From there its a 5 minute walk.

Is there free parking?

The parking in JBR is paid for. However, the fully day parking in some car parks have been know to offer it for 20-25DHS. 

What is the best time to visit?

Aquafun waterpark is great all year round, if you’re looking to get involved with the crowd then you can search on Google to find our live peak times.

Simply search ‘ Aquafun Dubai waterpark‘ you will  then see live timings.

Payments & Refunds

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major visa debit, credit and American Express card.

What is your refund policy?

We have a strictly no-refund policy. All tickets issued are non-refundable, however, they have a 12 month validity in case you cannot make it for your designated time.


Are the tickets the same for Adults and Kids?

Yes, all tickets are both the same for both adults and kids. Only time there is a change of price is when there are more than 5 people entering the park, in which case you can redeem the group discount offer.

What is the minimum amount of tickets eligible for the group booking?

The minimum amount is 5 people per booking to avail the group offer. 

What are the timing options for the party?

You can select the slots for the party, this can be done by contacting our team after booking using the contact form. 

Do I need to buy tickets with the package?

Yes, after purchasing your birthday package you can then proceed to purchase your tickets. Since the groups are larger than 5 you can avail the group offer tickets.

Tour & Travel Companies

How can we get in touch for partnerships?

Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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